Looking for Something Unique?

Each cake order is as unique as each customer placing the order. Helping you decide on the best design for your event is the best part. Allow us to give you some of our ideas and take in yours.

When pricing custom cakes, we begin with a base price based on the amount of people you need to feed, and then we factor in the extra labour (detailed decorations) and supplies (fondant, etc) needed for that particular design. Custom ordering means custom pricing. We do our best to cater to not only the needs of your event, but also your price point.

Vegan and Gluten Free options available. Contact us with your dietary questions and needs.


Base Flavours (included in pricing)

Chocolate | Vanilla | Red Velvet | Cinnamon Spice

Additional Flavours (subject to additional cost)

Confetti | Chocolate Chip | Marble | Carrot | Banana
Dyed (More than 1 colour is an additional cost. Ie. Rainbow)


Base Fillings (included in pricing)

Chocolate Buttercream | Vanilla Buttercream

Additional Fillings (subject to additional cost)

Strawberry/Peanut Butter/ Mint Buttercream
Cherry | Apple | Lemon Curd | Strawberry Jam
Fresh Strawberries | Custard | Chocolate Fudge
Maple | Caramel


Base Frostings (included in pricing)

Chocolate Buttercream | Vanilla Buttercream

Additional Frostings (subject to additional cost)

Strawberry Buttercream | Mint Buttercream
Peanut Butter Buttercream

To place a custom order or request a quote, please fill out this form with as any details as possible about your event including date, party size and any information about what you'd like to order. Please feel free to add a photo for inspiration!

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