So, you’re getting married?

Congrats! Bring on the planning! Not to worry, at Sweet B’s we can help make the most delicious part of your wedding a breeze. Just a few small decisions, and we’ll do the rest. Cake is the easy part!

STEP 1: Tell us about your day!

The décor, colours, venue, the guest count – dish it, we want to know! This will help inspire us to come up with the best possible ideas for you. Already have an idea in your head? Show us!

STEP 2: Traditional, or not so traditional?

This is the next step. Are you looking for a traditional tiered cake? Or maybe a dessert table or interactive sweets station for your guests? Things to consider:

Traditional: 3-4 tiered cakes are most typical and feed anywhere from 100-300 guests. The big question is, fondant or buttercream iced. This is a personal preference based on taste, design, and budget. Fresh flowers, faux flowers or sugar flowers are available to add touches and pops of colour to the cakes. Icing can be smooth fondant or textured buttercream.

Not-so Traditional: The possibilities here are endless. A cupcake buffet, with different flavours and designs. Perhaps a sweets table full of Sweet B’s most popular cookies, bars, etc in party sized pieces so your guests can have some choices. Most people budget between 2-3 pieces per guest, and prices on average work out to around $1 per piece. We can use your décor to dress the table, or purchase or rent items on your behalf. For the very non-traditional, consider a DIY cupcake bar – give your guests the ultimate choice as they choose their own cake, filling, frosting and toppers – cupcake ‘bartenders’ available at your request!

STEP 3: Tasting

Sweet B’s offers a complimentary tasting by way of our cupcakes. We carry 6 different flavours daily, with varying flavours. We’ll pack up some cupcakes for you to take home and eat. Taste, discuss, and think about what your guests would like best. If you’re looking to try specific flavours, 4” tasting cakes are available for order at a cost of $12 each.

STEP 4: Decision making time!

We don’t like pressure, this is supposed to be the fun part, right? Once you decide you want us to be a part of your big day, all we ask for is $100 to hold the date for you. This deposit is non-refundable, and simply is taken to hold priority on the day. Once the deposit has been received, we do not need to have final details settled until a month before the wedding. Also note, we know ALL the best people. Florists, calligraphers, craftspeople, cake topper makers – you name it, we can help. Don’t stress over the cost and quality of online purchases.

We look forward to working with you and being a part of your special day!

References and referrals are available by request. Any questions or comments, please reach out to Bonnie via e-mail